Food Safety Management Training Course under Partnership Program with Indonesian Agricultural Polytechnic of Medan (IADP) of Medan

13 September 2023
Medan - Indonesia

The FSM Training Course with IADP Medan was successfully organized on 13 September 2023. The program was conducted onsite with some participants joined online and hosted by IADP Medan. A total of 116 participants joined the program with 40 participants onsite and 76 participants attending through the Zoom platform, including students, university staff, government agencies, agricultural cooperatives, and employees from the private sector. Among the participants, 22 representatives were from SMEs who are actively involved in food processing in Medan, Binjai, and Deli Serdang districts. 4 lecturers with noted expertise on food safety from Japanese companies and private sectors located in Indonesia were invited and shared their knowledge and practical skills related to HACCP and global food safety standards, including JFS Standards.

The curriculum was arranged based on consultation between IADP Medan, MAFF Japan, and the Project. It was comprised of essential knowledge on food safety such as global food safety standards, the concept of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Food Defense, etc. This knowledge is essential for the people who will be involved in the food industry.

Main Speakers

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Mr. Tsutomu Okubo
Senior Manager, The Consumer Goods Forum, Japan
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Ms. Dian Sundari
Quality Control & System Assistant Manager, PT. Yakult Indonesia Persada
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Mr. Shintaro Ide
Manager, Quality Assurance Management Division, House Foods Group Inc.
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Ms. Revina Ratna Rumiyanti
GM of Corporate Quality Assurance, PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka